The Journey to Boston

Since 2004, after running my first marathon, I wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Life happened and there ended up being quite a few curves in the road. In 2007, I ran my second marathon and qualified, only to be sidetracked again by a quirky medical problem. The surgery left me with nerve damage to my diaphragm; an important part of a runner’s anatomy. Three years attempting to run on low oxygen was quite depressing.

Here comes the fun part . . .

National Fitness Center opened in Maryville in October 2010. I met the most encouraging man – Ed Dennison.  He asked me to participate in the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon relay with his team (Mouse House Olympians) in April, 2011. I said “yes”, and that was it – GAME ON!

In November 2011, I ran the Savannah R & R and qualified for the 2013 Boston Marathon. In May 2012, I decided to try again in Michigan. Even though it was hot, I ended up with a PR and another BQ.

2013-04-08 20.39.17Along the way, I met so many fabulous friends. Thank you all (NFC, Fleet Feet, Knoxville Endurance, and Foothill Striders) for being so supportive and encouraging; I couldn’t have made it to Boston without you.

Best of all, I met two wonderful women, Jennie and Jennifer – my sole/soul sisters, who will run with me in Boston.Training for 2013 Boston

So, in less than one week – 9 years after my first 26.2, I will get to run (as some say) the most prestigious marathon on earth.

Life is a marathon, keep calm and run on.

Bib #19269

This post appeared on FaceBook one week before the 2013 Boston Marathon.  We all know what happened that year.   Someday I’ll get the courage to write that story.  

The journey, to whatever you’re goal might be, is time well spent.  Cherish each step.

God gives you the ability to do incredible feats.